"Life is one grand sweet song so start the music"
~Ronald Reagan


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About Us

We are fast growing global music company

We believe in making a difference in Music learning through personalized and innovative ways to ensure every student can realize the artist within. Guitaa is an outcome of creative intelligence, it is an online service, that lets you learn any song of your choice on Guitar, Piano and Ukulele. Guitaa has a wide database of thousands of songs to match all your needs. Guitaa's advance visual maps make your learning immersive and efficient. Guitaa uses some of the most complicated technology to build product to foster your music learning experience.

We educate thousands of music enthusiast every month across the globe

We are Bringing Innovation and Inspiration to every Artist* in the world
Everyone is an artist


Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand artist potential. We do that by creating ground breaking products they want.

Started by Chetan Agarwal and Abhimanyu Saraswat, Guitaa is an effort to ensure that music learning can be effortless and engaging. We are a team of passionate technocrats and musicians. What unites us is our love for art and respect for the artist, we aim to make the music learning fun and engaging by designing powerful products that give you personalized learning experience you have been always seeking.

Our Legal Name: Guitaa Technology Pvt Ltd