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Why teach with GUITAA?

Motivated learner

Teach motivated learners

Work with kids who have chosen to be in your class.
Pencil in hand

Make your own schedule

Design a curriculum you love and teach the way you want.
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Earn money flexibly

Teach online from wherever and set your own prices.
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No paperwork

Spend your time doing what you love - teaching.

How We Help You Learn

Watch and learn what it's like to be learning on Guitaa Music Academy

How we help you learn music

Choose from a range of musical subjects catered according to your age and preferences.

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Learn on any device with live video chat classes that fit your learner’s needs, interests, and schedule.

Successful teachers

Devesh K. Meena
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Devesh K. Meena
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Devesh K. Meena
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Devesh K. Meena
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“Without a doubt, Guitaa Academy is my favorite after School/College, it's a good Digital learning Platform For music and For music related things. This Platform helping me Learn to play Guitar, the instructor are very talented and cooperative and they helped you when needed.”
- Abhishek 19 Sep, 2021


What does Guitaa offer teachers?

We offer a platform for teachers to organize, promote, and deliver online classes. This includes:We do our best to simplify the logistics, so you can focus on crafting the class experience.

What topics should I offer?

We encourage you to teach classes on topics you are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners up to age 18. We generally suggest offering a range of classes including short-form introductory classes that meet 1-4 times, as well as longer form semester-long classes.

Who can teach?

Guitaa does not require formal teaching credentials. We believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests. We do require criminal background checks before your first class starts.

What does it cost? And how do I get paid?

It's free to list classes on Guitaa. We take a 30% service fee from enrollments, so we only get paid when we succeed in bringing you customers. You have full control over the listed price for a class and number of participants. You receive payment via PayPal after the class begins.

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