November 2018


Guitar is one of the most beautiful gift ever presented to humans by humans. Whether it’s acoustic or electric, It isn’t solely based on just the instrument itself. The love for the instrument is what drives the inner heart to learn more and more. But, There comes a time where you start asking yourself about how you can develop your proficiency in guitar. Not just you, Many Guitar Players also face these situations and gets stuck in between which eventually ends up losing some interest in guitar playing.

Learning how to play the guitar is as simple as mastering a few basic chords. Confusing, Right?. Let’s take an example, Say, You bought a new guitar and you’re excited to learn some easy guitar chords for beginners. You read the chords book, searched the whole internet, by which you became completely overwhelmed. But, Do you faced a similar situation as which chords you start playing with? Or, Which Chords are used in most of the songs so that you can become a cool musician?