We have been waiting for the next release by the Californian Blackened Electronica duo for long. Now the wait is over: Wicked Gods is due to be released 9/9/19, with the eclectic label Cleopatra Records. We will be the first to say it, Wicked Gods is AWESOME and evil! Luna13 crosses the boundaries of Metal and Bass music, creating a strange, yet fresh mix between two contrasting cultures. The songs on Wicked Gods are unlike…

Guitaa What is music collaboration? We all know about collaboration, that it is something when two or more than two individuals works together to produce an amazing masterpiece. So a music collaboration is when two creative musicians come together to make one hell of a song. Collaboration between musicians is one of the biggest creative forces driving in the music industry today. And if you’re an independent artist, you’ll definitely look for a collaboration with…

Chord progressions are the patterns that music composers use to put musical notes and chords together. When writing music, chord progressions are critical that sound harmonious and have the desired tones. One can use four-chord progressions, five-chord progressions, two-chord progressions, or however many they’d like. It is possible for any one chord

The Holiday weekend after christmas gives us a lot of positive vibes. The collective memories of the present year starts to rewind back all the things which we’ve done in that year, and, also the feeling of the coming year excites us a lot as we think of making our future good by planning out some New year resolutions. But, before doing these things, we all think of how to celebrate the new year and start making plans for it. Some decides to host a party, or a bonfire

Guitar is one of the most beautiful gift ever presented to humans by humans. Whether it’s acoustic or electric, It isn’t solely based on just the instrument itself. The love for the instrument is what drives the inner heart to learn more and more. But, There comes a time where you start asking yourself about how you can develop your proficiency in guitar. Not just you, Many Guitar Players also face these situations and gets stuck in between which eventually ends up losing some interest in guitar playing.