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Jaea Latest EP(Guitaa Music Review)

Jaea Latest EP(Guitaa Music Review) Los Angeles, California-based sensational singer-songwriter “Jaea” has come up with her latest EP of 6 tracks and its name is “Jaea”. The aspiring artist made her debut earlier this year with the single “Bad Bitch” that has garnered immense appreciation from the audience,…

The Songs Enjoying a Resurgence Courtesy of The Crown - Guitaa Music Blog

Image credit: The Crown, a show on Netflix about the British Royal Family, is something of a phenomenon here in the United States.Series Four has recently arrived and has been labelled as the best yet, with top American actress Gillian Anderson turning in a compelling performance as beleaguered Prime…

Guitaa Artists Centerstage - SEDA

Today, on Guitaa Artist Centerstage, we have a versatile singer/songwriter “SEDA” who has belted out some incredible fusion sounds of R&B, Latin, Pop/Hip-hop and has also engaged innumerable listeners. The multi-talented artist who is based out of Puerto Rico and now lives in New York City has recently…

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