“The Last Words of Albion” J.T. Ferdinand

It’s rare that a new pop star arrives with some amazing song which can make people fall in love with their music and voice and J.T. Ferdinand achieved just that with his first proper hit single ‘The Last Words of Albion’.

The song has two versions with the latter being the instrumental version of the first one. The lyrics of the song is written by the Pianist J.T. Ferdinand and the singer Lonna Marie.

J.T. Ferdinand used only piano as the musical masterpiece giving that raw rhythm to the song which can make people connect to the aura of the song and get to know its purpose and how it is progressing from the beginning to the end.

The singer’s harmonious vocal tone along with the sound of piano is also what makes this song sound so unique and simple yet amazing.

Maybe this song is a little rough around the edges and doesn’t quite commit enough to experimentation, but overall it’s an assured debut that suggests a very bright future. So, Check out this melancholic song and gives a Thumbs up to the upcoming rising star “J.T. Ferdinand”.

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