TheVespertineKind is a purposeful project formed by Aylesbury based musician Graham Iddon. While his previous music is classified as a unique combination of folk and ambient music, the latest single “Ignition” is more of an Alternative Rock genre.

The song, “Ignition” has some kind of tenacious vibe to it bringing a soulful aura to help put you in a calm state of mind. What should be first identified when listening to this song is Grahan Iddon’s commanding voice which gives listeners a satisfactory-sounding song whether listening to it normally or in reverse.

Not only does his voice leaves us in awe, but the lyrics he sings also carries a profound message. In “Ignition” also, Graham expresses his powerful emotions in various ranges of his voice along with its thoughtful lyrics which gives the song a more mysterious intimacy and a melancholic grace to it.

Intro with a piano and heavy bass beat, which is immediately overshadowed by Graham’s compelling voice followed by a piece of uprising music in the chorus part with background Guitar leads, “Ignition” is surely a treat for music lovers.

So, Do listen to this beautiful song and give a thumbs up to “TheVespertineKind’s” amazing piece of work. Link Below:


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