Guitaa Artist Centerstage - kelvin Frazier
Guitaa Artist Centerstage – kelvin Frazier

Our today’s artist center-stage musician will surely surprise you with his multiple talents. From having a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry to be a chemist, the love for music never decreased for Guitaa’s artist of the day “Kelvin Frazier“. The Savannah-born artist has recently rolled out his new song “Roller Coaster” and is working on his upcoming EP.

So, Let’s check out this amazing Q&A with the dynamic billboard charting artist and Ph.D. Kelvin Frazier.

  • How is spring 2019 treating you?

It is exciting I will be releasing my new single “Roller Coaster” on May 31st on all major digital platforms.

  • Any exciting summertime plans?

I am continuing to be in the studio recording my new EP and promoting my newest single.

  • What is the last single you downloaded?

I usually stream songs and rarely download, but the last time IO downloaded music was Beyoncé “Lemonade” Album.

  • The most meaningful song you’ve ever written?

My first single “Marked and Scarred” which spoke about having moments where you are marked/scarred emotionally. The inspiration for the song was me dealing with the death of my grandmother.

  • How do you get ready for your shows?

I pray before every show and drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. I put so much energy in the show where I sweat a good amount.

  • Is writing music like therapy for you?

Most definitely! I have cried so many times while writing.

  • When I’m not playing music, you can find me…

In the lab. I am also a Ph.D. level chemist as a profession.

  • Where do you see yourself by fall?

I will have my new EP complete!

So, this was Kelvin Frazier. Are you also excited for kelvin’s upcoming EP? Then check out his social media channels where you can get the latest updates about his upcoming EP. Link below:

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